Club 21

Everyone loves people watching, right?The launch tonight of Club 21 was THE place to be seen and I revelled in an evening of edgy arty folk, trend setters and young new mods.
Opposite Great Portland Street tube, the huge venue hosted a very contemporary art exhibition, even the word exhibition feels outdated for what was displayed: sound installations, performance art (nude), horror photography and some rather confusing sculptures (flying sailors looking though trees). In the basement was a cushioned chill-out zone with the hippest Japanese DJ….oh, and the other main reason everone was there, the cocktails were free flowing.

There was such an eclectic mix of styles present, which is inevitable at an art function, that the audience’s fashion almost took over from the show. One bohemian boy wore a top hat over his scruffy, long hair, a knitted top and red trousers; a yummy 50-something lady stunned in a leather dress; tartan suits wowed; and I loved another lady’s Russian white fur hat! But what really took my attention tonight were the shoes: silver studded, black leather ankle boots; camel coloured, stack heeled boots; and the most beautiful black suede evening shoes with diamond shaped heels with a pearl centre. LFS is ashamed she was not prepared with a super-pap lens for all these treats, very sorry dear bloggers! However, it’s really was a “I’m too cool for cameras kind of do”.

Here are a couple of pics…LFS was sporting her new camel ‘Mad-Men’ ladylike dress. The gallery’s concept of creating a social, artistic scene was clearly a success for night number one and will continue for the next week alongside the annual Frieze Art Fair.


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